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A new model for ISL

A new model for ISL

By December 2014 the Academic Health Science partners of Imperial College, Kings and UCL will have provided core funding for ISL for the agreed period of 3 years. This resource has enabled the partners to better understand and to actively promote the science of improvement across London, nationally and internationally. Acting as a time-limited catalyst, ISL has raised the profile of the science of improvement in London, implemented a number of demonstration projects, established new networks, contributed to building new capacity and led the development of new methods of generating evidence and getting it into practice. This area of work is now being led by the three London Academic Health Science Networks and the National Institute for Health Research funded CLAHRCs.
ISL is now planning the next phase of its development as a champion for the science of improvement. We are focusing on 2 specific areas:
First, we will continue to develop participative and embedded models of academically-influenced service improvement and evaluation, in particular the further development of the innovative ‘Researcher-in-Residence’ model. Whilst the science of improvement encompasses a broad range of philosophies, models, methodologies and methods, our interest is at the highly applied end of the spectrum. We want to continue to operate as close to where care is delivered and received as possible, and continue to encourage highly applied researchers to focus on the utility of their work and practitioners to make better use of academic expertise. See ‘Moving research closer to practice’ for further information.
Second, we believe strongly that current interest in the science of improvement will thrive or wither depending on how useful it is to decision makers in health services. This means that our job is to get closer to those people, to experiment with ideas by testing them out on the ground in defined health communities. To this end, ISL is working closely with UCLPartners in East London, particularly in the London Borough of Newham, using improvement science methods to improve services for a vibrant and largely socio-economically deprived community. We are concentrating in particular on the development of primary care, general practice and interface services, work that has been generously funded by Newham CCG and other East London partners. Watch out for further information about this new programme of work – sleeves-rolled-up applied academic practice!

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